March: Deepwater Power Point provides a power point and fibre optics t ...


By: Peter Mellor – Manager Ports Terminals and Marine Sciences, Worley Parsons

Industrial enterprises, scientific associations, and government organizations need to collect marine data to support critical missions for the digital oilfield, coastal security, and safety or at-risk environmental areas. Often, data needs to be collected from remote, isolated areas of the ocean. Users need a fully managed solution that enables the real-time delivery of collected data, while being portable for re-deployment in subsequent locations — saving operational costs and reducing deployment timelines.

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March: PUSHING LIMITS: Innovative Solutions for High Bandwidth, Long D ...


Innovative Solutions for High Bandwidth, Long Distance Subsea Data Transmission

By: Michael Greene, New Product Development Engineer, and Gregory Eskridge, New Product Development Engineer Teledyne Oil and Gas

As the sensors used in the subsea environment increase in number and capability, the amount of data transmitted by these sensors continue to increase. Some of the approaches to provide data transfer bandwidth include electrical modems, electrical DSL, electrical CAN bus, electrical Ethernet, and optical Ethernet. Conventional electrical modems can transmit data over long distances. This technology is by far the most mature for subsea use. However, the maximum data transfer rates achievable are insufficient for technologies that demand data transfer rates in excess of 20 kbps.

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February: UV Irradiation: A New Kind of Antifoulant ...

UV IRRADIATION: A New Kind of Antifoulant

By: Chris Bueley, AML Oceanographic

AML Oceanographic has developed a novel UV-based antifouling technology for use on virtually any submerged surface. The performance of the system in reducing fouling induced measurement error on in-situ conductivity cells is comparable to the leading chemical-based system, as demonstrated in a described trial.

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January: M3 Sonar: Multiple Modes for Multiple Applications ...

M3 Sonar: Multiple Modes for Multiple Applications

By: Sarah Pilkington, Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.

Underwater surveys, obstacle detection, and harbor security inspections are only a few of the applications challenged by high currents, lack of visibility, and other subsea hazards. For over 40 years, Kongsberg Mesotech acoustic systems have been successfully used worldwide to augment diver inspections and underwater visualization operations. The use of multibeam technology enables faster operations than traditional scanning sonar and provides a large coverage area for data acquisition and a real-time data display. Kongsberg Mesotech’s M3 Sonar can be used for both imaging and profiling applications. The M3 Sonar delivers high-resolution and easy-to-interpret images by combining the rapid refresh rate of conventional multibeam sonar with image quality comparable to scanning sonar and is suitable for a variety of deployment platforms, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), pole mounted on a vessel, or mounted on a tripod. Exclusive to the M3 Sonar is the multimode capability that, in addition to standard imaging and profiling, features a unique enhanced image quality (eIQ) mode designed to provide image quality comparable to high-resolution scanning sonars. With four pre-defined operating modes, the M3 Sonar delivers application capability not found in any other system. Operating Modes 1. Imaging: long-range navigation with a fast update rate 2. Enhanced Image Quality (eIQ): greatest image quality from a short range with a slightly slower update rate 3. ROV Navigation: automatically selects eIQ or imaging based on range 4. Profiling: optimized split beam profiling for bathymetric surveys.

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